Jobs - Bachelor/Master work:

The work group of Prof. Hartmann is offering several topics to conduct a bachelor/master thesis within the just started and 4 years lasting BMBF project spinGMI consisting of leading university and industry partners in semiconductor and sensor research and industry in Europe. We are looking for students from the fields of physics, material science, quantum engineering, microtechnology & nanostructures with an interest in the strongly funded research areas of micro-/nanoelectronics, nanomagnetism, superconductivity and spintronics and in general quantum physics in nanomaterials. The thesis will be an integral part of the project plan and gives the opportunity to work and learn in a big scientific team research and development and transformation of fundamental research device and sensor concepts into industry prototypes in the semiconductor and sensor industry.

The students can, depending on their interest and focus, dive into handling of UHV-techniques, cleanroom micro & nanofabrication by e-beam- and laserlithography, thin-film fabrication by evaporation and sputtering techniques, wet chemical and plasma dry etching, DC up to GHz electrical characterization, several nanomicroscopic techniques like SEM, AFM, MFM, KPFM, STM as well as magnetic characterization techniques like VSM, SQUID and magneto-optical Kerr microscopy. Experimental devices and measurements are simulated with finite-element software (COMSOL, Matlab, MUMAX) to gain more insight into fundamental research aspects and their potential for industry applications.

Natural scientists and engineers with expertise in these methods are highly demanded in Germany and EU, as many spintronic and nanomagnetic technologies are already integrated into information and sensor mass technology due to their high potential and the compatibility with semiconductor fabrication processes. Excellent candidates also have the chance on a spinGMI project PhD position after M.Sc. graduation in our group.

Specific Bachelor/Master topics:

1. Fabrication, coupling and characterization of nanostructured spintronic high-frequency point contacts by magnetic spin waves in ultrathin metallic layers.

2. Fabrication and simulation of a micro-electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) to filter electrical high-frequency signals by surface acoustic waves (SAW) in piezoelectric thin films.

3. Fabrication, characterization and simulation of ultrathin magnetic multilayers with out-of-plane anisotropy for magnetic shielding.

4. 3-dimensional microfabrication and characterization of high-frequency giant magnetoimpedance sensors for detection of ultralow magnetic fields (earth magnetic field, heart/brain currents)


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